Magazine Integrated Piece Drawing

Hello everyone,

This is my latest finished art work! It is a Magazine Integrated Piece Drawing. What we had to do was choose a magazine piece and then brainstorm ideas where we would incorporate the piece in a color pencil drawing. Because we could use color pencils, the colors in the eye of the model what were pushed me to choose the magazine piece. As you can see, I tried mixing as many colors possible to resemble and give the whole drawing the contrast between yellow and purple shades. However, the design itself did not please me as much as I wish it did in the finished product. I don’t know how to explain the work well, so I wish I had more time to process and develop better. Some of the compliments I got was the mixed colors and how they end up blending together. Something I was told I could improve on or do next time is to leave room for some white values in the drawing. So, next drawing, my goal is to be able to balance out white and black/dark values as I usually just like to add dark shades.


Art Work #1- Charcoal Drawing

 Hello everyone, it has been awhile since I made a post on Edublog, but from now on I am hoping to post frequently to display and share my art works. This first drawing is my first ever Charcoal Drawing. I found it interesting working with Charcoal and I couldn’t really decide whether I really liked it or not. I like adding dark values in my drawings to show intensity and highlight important parts of the work piece. This is why I enjoyed working with charcoal because it allowed me to do so effortlessly. However, with this assignment, we had certain requirements that made it more difficult to incorporate darker values in my drawing. Because I had a hard time transitioning from black to grey and then to white with charcoal, my work lacked darker values to facilitate my transitioning. However, overall I feel like it is balanced and a good start with charcoal.


Genius Hour #2 Reflection

For my second Genius Hour project, I researched about The Black Lives Matter Movement. I described what it is and what their goal as an association is. I chose to research about this movement because several times, I saw their hashtag on social media, but never read anything about them. So I saw this project as an opportunity to research about the anti-Black actions (racist actions towards Blacks) in the American society. I thought it would be interesting to learn more about something that has been so common nowadays.  I learned that #BlackLivesMatter is a movement created in the United States of America in 2012, after 17 year old Trayvon Martin’s murder. I also learned that the reason why this association named itself a movement was to show society they intended to make noticeable changes as they move further, which I thought was a clever idea. Another thing I learned was that this was created for the whole society in general. Anyone can join in and support the association, however, it is meant specifically to increase the validity of the Blacks in the States. Each day there are many new members- usually cultural workers, designers, artists, writers that believe in this association. This research helped me understand the main reason behind this great movement. Also, I believe everyone knows many cases of  foreign societies that often go through a lot of struggle in the States. However, personally, I never really focused on any of the cases. This research was also an opportunity to inform myself about Trayvon Martin’s murder, a high school student who was murdered in 2012.  And as a person, I think it is great to inform ourselves about these horrible things that happen in our society, in order to change them. After sharing this with my classmates, I think it also helped my class as the small community that we are. Because even if they did know about the Black Lives Matter movement, I think that just by dragging their attention to it, it can impact them.

Here is the link to my presentation done on Powtoon:


Collective Impact of Media

Media, in general, is very influential towards culture, gender, economy, and human beings including  myself. Media plays a big role in our society. As it influences many who use it, media changes ones perspective and influences daily. Culture wise, media can have different roles. For example, media increases exposure to other cultures worldwide. It opens people minds to diversity, whether is through shared pictures and documents. People from different cultures are able to share their experiences and beliefs through media to others around the world. It can change our perspectives and push us to do more than what we limit ourselves, once we are exposed to others’ accomplishments. It can also help us engage with other people around the world, and be more open and understanding towards other cultures. Media also has a big impact on gender. Nowadays, gender is a huge subject discussed on media. Bloggers, Youtubers, Writes, and Artists have daily discussions and share their opinion on gender, specifically gender equality or gender roles. These people are highly influential towards their viewers and followers, which then makes media influential as well. Media definitely has a huge affect on the socialization of gender and can affect people’s attitudes and behaviors toward the opposite gender. It also helps us explain others how to respect and represent each other.  The world’s economy is also impacted by media, through television and advertisements. Advertisements push people to buy products that will help them fit in society, which all end end up benefiting the economy. Businesses use media to advertise products. Because media is so influential, businesses are often successful.  Human beings, including myself, are indirectly influenced by media when media influences things such as culture, gender, and economy. I am influenced by what I see on media as a teenager and a student. I follow what interests me on media and use what I see for my personal benefit as well.

Making Every Last Second Count

This Christmas break was by far the best one I have ever had. I was able to travel back home, Cape Verde. Not only that, but I got to reunite with most of my family again. One of my older brothers came back! The house was finally the way it used to be. My parents and the two youngest siblings- my brother and I. We had a great time bonding and doing things we hadn’t done together in quite a long time, like going to the beach. Another thing that made my holidays so special was my reunion with my childhood friends. Some of them are just like sisters and brothers to me. For those few weeks that I stayed there, I hung out with them almost everyday to remember how much fun we used to have.  Then,  came one of the best celebrations of the year- New Years! In Cape Verde, we always have groups that organize events throughout the year and during New Years they organize huge parties. At midnight, we had the traditional fireworks by beach and then we all went to the same party. It was the best New Years for all of us.

Whenever I go back home to visit, I know I will enjoy myself because there are certain things that I can only do there, like:

  1. Reunite with my family
  2. Go to my favorite beach
  3. Eat my favorite dishes
  4. Reunite with my best friends
  5. Go to music festivals

These are some of the things that make Cape Verde such a special place for me.  And if you want to see more visit this site:


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Twitter Expert/Academic Connect Assignment Reflection

For my Twitter Expert Assignment I chose to follow mainly University professors that specialized in African American Studies, in History of Race and Rights, and Law. These people were @SandyDarity@kinohin@WendyLBelcher@LeahRigueur@pcttwo@marthasjonesUM@CarlaShedd@imaniperry, @DorothyABrown, and @DocMellyMelHowever, I also followed a few commentators and magazine editors to have an idea of what they think about the Black Lives Matter Movement. What they think about the Movement and what they have been doing is basically what they will transmit to their readers. Therefore, I thought I would also have an idea of what people have been reading about the Movement. The people mentioned above that I followed on Twitter are all involved in the area of African race and rights, which is kind of the purpose behind my Genius Hour project, the Black Lives Matter Movement.   After entering in contact with them, by following their Twitter accounts, I asked each of them the same general question because I was just interested in their personal opinion about the Movement.  The question was ” What is your opinion on the movement? Do you think it has a positive influence and help our society?” and I was planning on including this at the end of my project as a way to show whether society accepts this Movement and agrees with its idea.  Even though I would like to have a good ending reflection with different opinions coming from the people I initially followed on Twitter, the feed back I got wasn’t the most helpful up until now. Majority (7/10) of them replied to my question. Many answered by “twitting” back with their opinion while others “liked” and “re-tweeted” as well, which got other people and organizations to like my original tweet. Some seemed to be cooperative and were whiling to shared their opinion with me, but a few other not as much. I wasn’t sure whether I should continue the conversation because this doesn’t seem to be a subject they discuss often.  In the future, this could be a resource for future works or discussions in other classes as well because this is a reliable source. I could always go back as well, and ask more questions to those that showed more interest and willingness to cooperate.











One of My Favorite Desserts

 Pudim De Queijo, or, Cheese Pudding is one of the best desserts I have ever eaten in my life. It is a sweet traditional plate where I am from, Cape Verde. I usually ate in on weekends when I went downtown with my dad.  It is a well known dessert all over the country, but not as much in other countries. It has been around for many years. Consequently,  older cooks with more  experience, especially women, are the best at making them. Unfortunately, because it is not well known outside of Cape Verde I don’t have access to any recipes at the moment. But, what I do know that it is made from dried graded goat cheese. Usually the final product is a crunchy pudding on the outside and smooth on the inside with a strong flavor of the cheese mixed with sweet of the sugar. Delicious!


Angeloni. Pudim de Queijo. Photograph. Angeloni. Adega Angeloni. November 4, 2015.


First Genius Hour Project

chocolate-170446_640 (1)This year, our Digital Citizenship class began working on a project created by Google called “Genius Hour”. The goal was to have students research and learn more about something of their own interest. The main topic of my presentation was “Chocolate” because, obviously, it is one of my favorite treats. At first, I was quite interested in doing it but my interest began to fade as I moved along. I spent two thirds of my work time at school when we were given class time, and one third at home. My presentation did not go as I planned, and that is something I have to work on. My topic was a bit broad and I didn’t have much information on what I decided to focus on. Based on my effort and learning, my grade wouldn’t be so different from what my teacher gave me. My topic was more for a personal interest rather than a school assignment, which the whole purpose about it was to impact/help my peers and the community. For my next Genius Hour project, I am planning on putting more effort and thought into my research and work, in order to enjoy this assignment and have a better grade.  Some topics I already have in mind are:

  • Black Lives Matter Association and the race situation in the States.
  • Modern Parenthood

Here is the link of my First Genius Hour presentation:

De Volta Ao Português

Pela primeira vez, em anos, eu tenho a oportunidade de escrever algo em Português para a escola. Eu aprendi Português na primaria em Cabo Verde. Português é a nossa língua oficial nas escolas e em centros de trabalho. Infelizmente, desde que mudei para Nigéria e Senegal, eu me concentrei mais no Inglês  do que o Português. Na escola, só falo Inglês com os meus colegas e professores, por isso é um pouco mais difícil para mim quando tento falar. Português é   completamente  diferente do Inglês. A língua Portuguesa é uma língua de origem românica. Depois da criação do Reino de Portugal e a expansão para as terras do sul, derivou-se a difusão da língua Portuguesa pelas terras conquistadas pelos colonizadores e navegadores Portugueses. Foi assim que o Português veio parar em Cabo Verde. Actualmente, Português é uma das línguas oficiais da União Europeia e é a quinta língua mais falada no mundo.

Let’s Succeed Together

Do you want to be successful in school as much as I do? So that in the future, you can work like your parents do now and give your kids a good education and the same/better life conditions you have? Then, let’s learn some tips and important factors that will help us succeed in our academics.

  1. First of all, organization is the key to success. Knowing where you should be at school so you’re not late to class, knowing what classes you have on that day, knowing what work you have due, knowing what supplies you will need, and so much more. Knowing all these things will make you an organized student. Organization makes your life easier. It avoids last minute work and stress, which always end up getting you poor grades. Staying on top of your assignments will guarantee you good results at the end of the semester. However, being organized does not mean being a control freak, or someone who is unsocial. School work comes first but it is always great to socialize with friends and classmates. Make sure that before you go out with friends or plan any other activity outside of school that your school work is done correctly.
  2. Another good way to be successful in school is by getting involved at school. Most schools nowadays have after school activities, such as arts, sports, clubs and Student Council. These are made so the students can develop their passion and build school spirit, which also motivates them to be more interested in school itself. These also give you an opportunity to create a routine to yourself. Having a routine also reinforces on your organization skills. Be active at school, be organized and don’t forget to communicate with teachers and pears if necessary.

Achieve Your Dream



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