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Hello! I am 15 years old and currently live in Dakar, Senegal. I am an athletic and brave student, who is captivated by sports and the delicious taste of chocolate.  I love the exotic beauty of the beach, it is my favorite thing to do during summer. I am giving and try my best to participate in community service because I am honorable to know that I am helping others. I’ve lived in three different countries in Africa, which makes me an international student. I am juvenile  and kindhearted! My laugh is loud and at times I can be moody. I like to be neat and organized. My friends call me perfectionist and queasy when I see a bug.  Responsibility is one of my qualities but still make time to be social with friends. I am trustworthy as well as unselfish. My friends who know me say I am vivid and warmhearted.  Overall, I am youthful. I aim to be successful and enjoy my life.

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