A Reunion

This summer was probably one of the most memorable and exciting I have had in years. Every summer I try to enjoy every moment and try something new, specially when I am visiting my friends back home in Cape Verde. This time, not only did I get to visit all my friends and my dad, but I also got to reunite with my older sister, Yara and her family. I had not seen them in three years, since I visited them during Christmas. This summer they came to Cape Verde and we were able to spend a week or so together. It was not really long, but I am glad we could have some family time again. I got to spend a lot with my nephew, who is only two years old. I love taking care of babies, and I should say he is definitely my favorite. This reunion had a great impact in my life because having quality time together is something my family cherishes a lot. Family will always be there for each other, and we always try our best to help. Reuniting with them gave me the opportunity to bond with my sister, her husband , and most importantly the new member of the family.  Hope you had a good summer like I did. What even had a significant change in your life?

ISD Lady Jag

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